MDLF Departments

General Manager:


  • Execute Board policies and guidelines in an efficient and effective manner
  • Coordinate with donors countries
  • Recommend strategies, policies and mechanisms to better serve and enhance LGU performance.
  • Monitor, through department heads, daily activities and take necessary action required.



Operation manager:

  • Coordinate with the executive director on status of MDLF projects and activities.
  • Manage the implementation of MDLF projects through the financial and technical staff.
  • Generate necessary technical reports and statistics on needed basis.


Strategic Planning and External Relations Department:

  • Develop the MDLF strategic plan.
  • Conduct analysis of projects to determine effectiveness and impacts.
  • Report to donors and contributors on the activities, achievements and performance of the fund.
  • Operate program of public information for stakeholders and the public.
  • Maintain ties with donors and contributors, current and prospective.


Technical Department:

  • Appraise municipalities’ projects and review technical documents, designs, and clear the bids.
  • Monitor implementation of projects to ensure compliance with grant conditions and achieve planned impact.


human resources department:


  • Develop and implement human resources policies, training and development.
  • Maintain MDLF property and premises and procure goods.

  • Financial Department:

    • Perform all accounting activities and prepare financial reports.
    • Advise the fund on its financial position.



    Institutional and Technical Assistant Department:

    • Assess capacity building requirements of LGU’s.
    • With Technical Operations group, build integrated capacity building elements in service-improvement projects.
    • Provide assistance to LGU’s in the design of capacity building projects.
    • Monitor implementation of projects to ensure they achieve planned impact.
    • Responsible for ensuring that all contractual obligations undertaken by fund are fully discharged.
    • Manage and monitor procurement activities