Honoring the outgoing representative of Denmark to the Palestinian Authority

Honoring the outgoing representative of Denmark to the Palestinian Authority

Al-Biereh May 24, 2017: Minister of Local Government Dr. Hussain Al-Araj honored today the outgoing representative of Denmark to the Palestinian Authority Mr. Anders Tang Friborg on the occasion of the end of his term in Palestine. The ceremony was attended by Director General of MDLF Dr. Tawfiq Al-Budairy. Dr. Al-Araj praised the efforts by Mr. Friborg in providing all assistance possible, and for his contribution towards the support of the local government sector through implementing developmental projects in Palestine.

Mr Al-Araj stressed on the importance of support rendered by the Danish government to the Palestinian people, which has had great impact on the ground, and helped ease the situation for citizens through providing funding for projects, in addition to support afforded for training and capacity development projects for the staff working in the local government sector.

Dr. AlAraj expressed his wishes of success to Mr. Friborg in his new mission in his country as the official in charge of the MENA portfolio, and urged him to keep Palestine present in all regional and international forums in the scope of his work. He also assured Mr. Friborg that he is a friend of the Palestinian people and will always be welcome in Palestine.

On his part, Mr Friborg commended the positive bilateral relations that bind both parties, while assuring the continued support of his government to the local government sector in Palestine. Mr. Friborg thanked Dr. Al-Araj for honoring him, and expressed his pride in the partnership and friendship with the Ministry’s leadership and staff; a relationship that has reflected positively on the ground through the successful implementation of several programs and projects that have had a great and tangible impact on the lives of citizens.


In a separate issue, Dr. Al-Araj met with a group of French experts in the field of local economy development, where he was briefed on the results of the diagnostic study they conducted on the opportunities for investment and success, and the role of the MDLF in local economy development.

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