MDLF conducts a special introductory workshop for MDPIII

Under the patronage and with attendance by the Minister of Local Government, the Municipal Development and Lending Fund (MDLF) conduct a special introductory workshop for MDPIII.


Ramallah July 26, 2017: Dr. Hussain Al-Araj, Minister of Local Government, Chairperson of the Municipal Development and Lending Fund (MDLF) launched an introductory workshop for the Municipal Development Program – phase three (MDPIII). Workshop was attended by representatives of all West Bank Municipalities.

The workshop aimed at informing the municipalities on the nature of projects to be implemented through MDPIII in terms of the projects selection mechanism, filling out funding requests applications, in addition to the economic feasibility study of the projects and the environmental and social impacts of the projects and all necessary enclosures, in addition to the responsibilities of all parties at all stages of the projects’ implementation, noting that MDLF has allocated nearly 90 million USD for the support of MDPIII projects.

Dr. Al-Araj started off his word by paying tribute to our people in Jerusalem, and praised their steadfastness and their determination to reject all measures the occupation is trying to impose, and the return of the status quo to what it was prior to the unrest, reiterating the Palestinian leadership and peoples’ position in standing firm behind the people of Jerusalem, and to provide them with all possible support and assistance they may need, and the importance that all local authorities rally behind the presidents’ decisions with regards to Jerusalem.

Dr. Al-Araj called on all local authorities to assume their natural role in leading the local community and enhancing domestic peace and strengthening community cohesion in such difficult times facing our people, and to implement in partnership with the private sector, local economic development projects that can contribute to enhancing revenues and support the national economy in general.

Dr. Al-Araj also emphasized the importance of the Municipal Development Program as it is the first national program that was designed to take development work in the local government to higher levels  with the aim of supporting local authorities to improve their performance which will in turn improve the quality and quantity of their services, thus bettering the life of the Palestinian citizens.

Dr. Al-Araj also pointed out that the government views the role of MDLF with great interest, and works tirelessly on the development of municipalities and has a vested interest in supporting such programs for their great importance as an entrepreneurial model on the path of coordinating efforts towards strengthening all our local authorities and municipalities. He also added that the government places great importance on the local government sector for its importance in providing services to the citizens and its contribution towards their steadfastness. The government also seeks to provide support to local authorities at legal, financial, and administrative levels to enable them to fulfil its duties.

In turn, Director General of MDLF Dr. Tawfiq Al-Budairy expressed MDLF’s prides in its work with all municipalities in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip alike, and commended the municipalities’ staff and engineers for their dedication and perseverance, and stressed the importance of the continuation and enhancement of communication and cooperation between MDLF and the municipalities with the aim of developing the local government sector through enhancing the municipalities’ various capacities and systems, and enhancing the competence of all staff to the end of providing the best service possible for the citizens.

Dr. Al-Budairy briefly reviewed the most important components of the MDPIII, while emphasizing transparency and professionalism which are the basis for MDLF’s work. He also stressed on equality and integrity in the grant distribution process and MDLF’s credibility, and assured that MDLF follow in their work highest international standards and possesses the technical and practical capacities needed for managing projects funded by donor partners, and has the ability to support and provide distinctive services that will contribute towards achieving sustainable development for all municipalities the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

A number of MDLF managers and engineers participated in the workshop, and in turn presented detailed presentations to the municipalities clarifying all that relates to the Municipal Development Program and its 4 departments; infrastructure projects, entrepreneurial projects, capacity building projects, the project management window.

It is worth mentioning that the Municipal Development Program was drafted by the MDLF, and commissioned and guided by the Palestinian Government. The 3rd phase of the program will be funded by the Palestinian Government, World Bank, French Development Agency AFD, Danish International Development DANIDA, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC, European Union (EU), and the International Cooperation Agency of the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG).

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