Launching ceremony for The Multi-Site Regeneration Project of Jericho City

Launching ceremony for

The Multi-Site Regeneration Project of Jericho City


Within the framework of the Multi-Site Regeneration Project funded by the French Development Agency (AFD) implemented in Jericho, the Municipality of Jericho, in cooperation with the Municipal Development and Lending Fund launched the Multi-Site Urban regeneration Project valued at 6.2 million Euros.  This is in addition to a 4 million Euros AFD support to the Municipal development program – phase three MDPIII.

The official ceremony was organized by the Municipality of Jericho and was attended by the Minister of Local Government Dr. Hussein Al-Araj, the French Consul General in Jerusalem Mr. Pierre Cochard, and the Director of Operations of MDLF Mr. Hazem Kawasmi.

The project includes the establishment of a modern cattle and poultry slaughterhouse built to the latest technical and sanitary specifications, the transfer of the municipal machinery and equipment compound and warehouses from the current location and the establishment of a modern compound, in addition to the expansion of the Spanish Garden with an extra ten Dunums to the northern side where the current machinery and equipment compound stands, and the rehabilitation of the site of the current slaughterhouse and converting it into an open garden planted with palm trees.

The Minister of Local Government Dr. Al-Araj stated in his speech that the commencement of work on this project constitutes a qualitative shift; a great importance for its developmental dimensions that will have a positive effect on national development; will help achieve local and international economic and developmental communication, and will serve as an incubator for investment attraction to the city of Jericho. Al-Araj also praised the Municipality of Jericho for their efforts aiming at achieving all aspects of local development, and for their efforts in promoting the touristic, cultural, and social reality of the city, and for their tireless work to put Jericho, a major attraction for tourists from around the globe for its historic and religious relics, on the map of Palestinian tourism. Al-Araj thanked the French government for their continuous support to the local government sector, and for the implementation of numerous developmental projects that have contributed positively towards enhancing the steadfastness of citizens on their land.

On his part, the French Consul General Mr. Coshard officially announced the launch of the project, and emphasized its importance and the future benefits it will have for the citizens of the city. Mr. Coshard also emphasized the strong ties that bind both the Palestinian and French peoples and their governments, and assured his government’s continued support to the Palestinian people, and its commitment to implement vital projects in Palestinian cities.

On his part, the mayor of Jericho expressed his gratitude to the people and government of France and the French Development Agency for this support which will have a great environmental, economic, and touristic impact on the city. The mayor also stressed that the Municipality of Jericho will exert all efforts to ensure the success of these projects that are vital to the city and its citizens.

Mr. Kawasmi, director of Operations of MDLF, emphasized the strong relation between MDLF and the French Development Agency (AFD) and thanked AFD for its continued support for the Municipal Fund and the municipalities. He stated that this project is special to MDLF, as it complements strongly what MDLF is doing through MDP. 

The delegation was then taken on a field visit to the Spanish Garden and extensions areas in order to get a closer look at the general situation.

It is worth mentioning that the Multi-Site regeneration Project will contribute to the improvement of living conditions for fifty thousand inhabitants of the city and governorate of Jericho through re-organizing and improving of vital public and recreational facilities, in addition to the increase of green areas in the city. These interventions will lead to the re-vitalization of these areas and will have a beneficial impact on local commercial activities and local development. In addition, the project will play a major role in the improvement of the food security chain.



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