MDLF Meeting With the Team Involved with the "Cleaner and Energy Saving - Mediterranean Cities" (CES-MED)

Sunday 31/07/2016: Dr. Tawfiq Bdairi, the General Director of the MDLF, met with a delegation representing the "Cleaner and Energy Saving - Mediterranean Cities" (CES-MED) represented by Mr. Walid Abu Halawa, the project’s coordinator in Palestine, and the Financial Specialist for the project Mr. Theseus Hadjiocostas. In order to prepare methods of support of local government units in various areas of energy as well as discuss the project funding mechanism, it’s support mechanism, and to find methods to institutionalize the field of clean energy in Palestine.


In return, Dr. al-Bdairi stressed the importance of forging clear support mechanism to provide grants, projects, guidance, technical and material to support local government units in the area of energy. Also, stressed the importance of improving awareness in the areas of capacity building and rationalization of energy consumption through modified energy plans and programs at the municipalities.

It is worth mentioning that "Cleaner and Energy Saving - Mediterranean Cities" (CES-MED) project is an EU-funded initiative set up to provide training and technical assistance support to Local and National Authorities in the ENPI South region, with a view to help them respond more actively to sustainable policy challenges. This effort also involves raising the awareness of the local population with regard to local sustainable policies, knowledge-sharing, and building lasting partnerships between Local Authorities in the EU and in the ENPI South region.

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