MDLF Organized a Joint Meeting with Funding Partners of MDPII

Monday 25/7/2016: Joint meeting were held between MDLF funding Partners (Danish Government, KFW, Sida, AFD, BTC, VNG, GIZ and WB) and MDLF Staff representing by the Director General Dr. Tawfiq Al-Budairi to approve the implementation plan for MDPII.

MDLF Director General Al-Budairi starts his speech by welcoming funding partners showing his deep appreciation for their efforts and support targeting local governments through MDLF.

Al-Budairi review the importance of second phase of the MDP that aims to support and develop the local Government and improve their performance in line with the national policy to establish and independent Palestinian, referring to the importance of the funding’s recommendations that will be adopted in the implementation of the second phase of MDPIII.

A number of fund executives and administrative staff participated in the workshop, MDLF team introduced a detailed presentation showing the second phase plan of the MDLF project, emphasizing on the components of various preparations on the workflow and the strategy prepared for the fund.

It is noteworthy that the municipal development program is a unique program that are exclusive to MDLF, which works to raise the efficiency of municipalities and improve the level of services provided to citizen, which targets 134 municipalities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

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