Kherba Umm Al Lahem Main Road Opening North-West of Jerusalem

Within the Development of Areas C Program implemented by the Municipal Development and Lending Fund, funded by the European Union


Kherba Umm Al Lahem Main Road Opening North-West of Jerusalem


14 May 2016:  Under the patronage of Prime Minister Dr. Rami Hamdallah, The Municipal Development and Lending Fund (MDLF) and the European Union (EU) celebrated the opening of the Main Road in Kherba- Umm Al Lahem West of Jerusalem after its’ renovation on Tuesday. This is part of the development of Areas C Program, which is funded by the EU.


The opening event was attended by the Minister of Local Government and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Municpal Development and Lending Fund, Dr. Hussein Araj; the Minister of Jerusalem Affairs Dr. Adnan Husseini; the General Director of the Municipal Development and Lending Fund Dr. Tawfiq Al Budeiri; and the commissioner of neighbour relations in the European Neighbourhood Policy Johannes Hahn; as well as other representatives of the local community.


Dr. Hussein Al Araj stressed the importance of this project especially since the road connects residential areas which are threatened by settlement close to the Separation Wall, thus enhancing the resistance of the citizens and their attachment to their land, and opening the opportunity for the return of the people to their land. In addition, this project encourages investment opportunities, as well as, the building of agricultural, industrial, and commercial facilities, adding that the project carries connotations of national distinction. “These are the areas where we will develop our projects and contribute to finding local economic development, generating revenue for local bodies and strengthening its position according to the current strategy of local government.” He also thanked MDLF, the EU, and everyone who contributed to the completion of this project.


The project, which cost 324,000, included the rehabilitation of the 1,100 Km road, including paving, building sidewalks, and improving safety conditions, as well as, proving many work hours.


The road connects Kherba, Umm Al Lahem to villages and neighbouring areas, and facilitates the movement of citizens, especially employees, workers, and students. 

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