MDLF meet with KFW to discuss the implementation of development projects in area C in the West Bank and Jerusalem

25-5-2016: delegation from the German development bank, met today with the at the headquarter of MDLF with the administrative staff to discuss the implementation of development projects in Area C in the West Bank and Jerusalem. The aim of the visit is for consultation between the two parties in the desired way of working in area C, and the criteria that MDLF works for these marginalized areas.

The delegation of Deutsche Bank include Mr. Babbitt Kaminski president of education and economic development department in the Middle East, Mr. Johannes director of Local Governance Program in the bank, as well as program adviser at the bank Mr. Wadah Hamdallah. The meeting was conducted with the presence of MDLF director of operations Mr. Hazem Qawasmeh, Mr. Mohammed Ramahi financial and administrative director, and Mr. Ahmed Zayed, Director of Procurement, Mr. Nizar Samhan strategic planning manager.

Mr. Hazem Qawasmeh thanked the German bank and the German government for what they offered for MDLF since several years of financial support and even today, and stressed the clear Palestinian position to proceed with the work in the areas of "c" for paving of roads, and construction of classrooms and clinics, kindergartens and the provision of water, electricity and basic services to our people, who have suffered from a lack of those needs for decades. He added that it is not reasonable to wait another twenty years for taking Israeli approval to implement those basic projects approved by all human rights laws.

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