MDLF announces start of rehabilitation of entrance to Nabi Samuel Village


Within the framework of Area “C” Development Program, funded by the Swiss International Agency in cooperation with the Ministry of Local Government, MDLF, being the implementing agency, announced officially the commencement of rehabilitation of the entrance to Nabi Samuel Village to the north west of Jerusalem.

Dr. Huseein Al-Araj, Minister of Local Government, reiterated the commitment of the Palestinian Authority, and its president Mahomoud Abbas and Prime Minister, Dr. Rami AlHamdallah, and stressed the importance of development of Areas “C”, which represent an integral part of the Palestinian Territory. He underscored the continuing efforts deployed by the Palestinian leadership to secure the necessary funding to implement strategic development projects (including connection roads, water networks, classrooms and kindergartens) to enable our Palestinian people benefit fro the natural resources in these areas. The projects also aim to relieve citizens of a heavy burden since it endeavors to improve the socioeconomic conditions of people in marginalized areas, isolated by the Israeli occupation’s apartheid measures.

The project crowns intensive endeavors deployed by MDLF management and team together with the head of village council to overcome the unprecedented obstacles laid by the occupation to inhibit any development efforts in Area “C”. MDLF also offered the village a new classroom for the students who are deprived of access to proper education. It should be noted that MDLF is not executing several projects to enhance life in Areas “C” in the West Bank.

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