Saeer Municipality in a Visit to MDLF

25 February 2016: MDLF A. General Manager Hazem Kawasmi, received a visit from sair municipality ; to discuss the projects being carried out by the MDLF for Sair Municipality.

This came in the meeting held in his office on Sunday with the Municipal Director Mr. zyead amayreh whom explained a number of urgent needs, focusing on infrastructure projects and reiterated the necessity to provide necessary support to execute vital projects that would improve the services offered to citizens and solve some of their problems. 

In the end Mr. kawasmi confirmed that MDLF will not save any effort to offer any help needed to upgrade services’ delivery. He highlighted that serving citizens is the key role of MDLF and that he and his team are ready to provide any advice or assistance since MDLF is a national institution that aims to improve services offered to citizens by leveling up municipal performance and capacities.

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