MDLF field tour to hebron with his excellency Dr. Hussein A’raj


Today, Mr. Hazem kawasmi, A. General Manager of MDLF accompany his Excellency the Minister of Local Government Dr. Hussein A’raj -and some of the Officials in the MOLG- in a tour with the leaders of Hebron Governorate. The tour was started in Hebron Governorate Premises with a meeting with the Governor Mr. Kamel Hmeid, then it followed to the Korean Center to launch the Electronic Park project with is partly funded by MDLF. After that the tour was followed by a meeting with the mayor of Hebron municipality Dr. Daoud Za’tari and the members of the municipal council, and some of business men.

The tour was then continued to Halhul municipality premises. A meeting was held with mayors of Hebron municipalities (Kharas, Bet Ola, Bani Ne’im, Soref, Ethna) to hear from them the public needs of infrastructure Development in order to improve the living condition in the south, and strengthen their steadfastness on their land.

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