Senior World Bank Delegation Visits MDLF

Senior World Bank Delegation Visits MDLF

Acting Director General of the Municipal Development and Lending Fund, Hazem Alqawasmi, met with a senior World Bank delegation headed by Ms. Ayat Suleiman, Director of Urban Planning and Rural and Social Development at the World Bank in Washington. The delegation also comprised World Bank’s Director of Developmental Projects, Phillip Bion. The visit aimed to learn about the role of local government sector in Palestine and urban planning processes. It was attended by heads of MDLF departments.

Alqawasmi welcomed the visiting delegation and expressed MDLF deep gratitude for the aid and support provided by the World Bank to the Palestinian people, especially after the last war on the Gaza Strip. He underscored the productive partnership with the World Bank and commended the efforts made to reinforce local government units. He also reiterated the necessity to enhance cooperation into new areas and programs. MDLF provided detailed presentation of its programs and projects, implemented by West Bank and Gaza Strip municipalities.

The programs and projects cover contingency assistance together with developmental projects and technical and institutional capacity building as well as innovative initiatives to improve the performance of local government units and enable them provide high-quality services and achieve sustainable development, consistent with PNA policies and plans.

A long discussion started on the needs of municipalities for the coming period and development of the local government sector in Palestine.

In the end, Ms. Ayat Suleiman expressed her admiration and appreciation of the programs achieved by MDLF and confirmed World Bank’s intent to continue supporting MDLF and its efforts to develop the local government sector in Palestine and provide a better life for the Palestinians.

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