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MDLF announces start of rehabilitation of entrance to Nabi Samuel Village
3 May 2016: Within the framework of Area “C” Development Program, funded by the Swiss International Agency in cooperation with the Ministry of Local Government, MDLF, being the implementing agency, announced officially the commencement of rehabilitation of the entrance to Nabi Samuel Village to the north west of Jerusalem. Read more...
Appointment of Tawfiq Hamed Albudairi Director General of MDLF
2 May 2016: Minister of Local Government and Chair of MDLF Board, Dr. Huseein AlAraj, appointed on Monday Dr. Tawfiq Albudairi as Director General of the Municipal Developemnt and Lending Fund following the elapse of the term of Mr. Hazem Kawasmi, as Acting Director General. Read more...
MDLF meets with the Director General of Bethlehem Local Government District and heads of local councils
3 May 2016 – the Director General of MDLF, Dr. Tawfiq ALbudairi, met at MDLF premises in Al-Bireh, with the Director General of Bethlehem District Office of MoLG, Shukri Radayda, and a number of heads of local government units, including Mayor of Ubeideah, Shuleiman Abdallah, Mayr of Kufur Ra’I, Majed Ibrahim, and head of Municipal Council Dar, Salah Mubarak. Read more...
World Bank Delegation discusses with MDLF new study on sevices
1 March 2016: The World Bank delegation staff met A. General Manager of MDLF Mr.Hazem Kawasmi and the Management staff of MDLF to discuss the study that is conducted by World Bank which is related to the field of basic services provided to citizens by the municipalities, which include roads, water, solid waste collection, and wastewater. Read more...
Saeer Municipality in a Visit to MDLF
25 February 2016: MDLF A. General Manager Hazem Kawasmi, received a visit from sair municipality ; to discuss the projects being carried out by the MDLF for Sair Municipality . Read more...
KfW Regional Manager Visits MDLF
18 February 2016: A. General Manager of the Municipal Development and Lending Fund, Hazem kawasmi, met with the KFW Regional Manager Dr. Günter Roos to discuss MDLF Different programs including the one supported by KFW with focus on the new intervention in area c. Read more...
MDLF field tour to hebron with his excellency Dr. Hussein A’raj
16 February 2016: Mr. Hazem kawasmi, A. Director General of MDLF accompany his Excellency the Minister of Local Government Dr. Hussein A’raj -and some of the Officials in the MOLG- in a tour with the leaders of Hebron Governorate. The tour was started in Hebron Governorate Premises with a meeting with the Governor Mr. Kamel Hmeid, then it followed to the Korean Center to launch the Electronic Park project with is partly funded by MDLF. After that the tour was followed by a meeting with the mayor of Hebron municipality Dr. Daoud Za’tari and the members of the municipal council, and some of business men. Read more...
MDLF discuss the complaint system in local government sector
11 February 2016: Mr. Hazem kawazmi A. General Manager of MDLF welcomed in his office in Al-bireh the representative of the world bank Mr. Sanjay agrol " the community participation expert in world bank, and Mrs.Samira Hilles" money transfer program manager" to discuss the complaint system in the municipalities and the local government in general in the west bank. Read more...
MDLF conducted an important visit to Masafer Yatta and a number of municipalities in Hebron governorate
2 February 2016: Mr. Hazem kawasmi, A. Director General of MDLF assured to the importance of organized planning in area C localities in the West Bank through executing important projects that were studied in important and scientific manner that will result in achieving sustainable development, and strengthen the citizens in their lands. Read more...
Senior World Bank Delegation Visits MDLF
24 January 2016: Acting Director General of the Municipal Development and Lending Fund, Hazem Alqawasmi, met with a senior World Bank delegation headed by Ms. Ayat Suleiman, Director of Urban Planning and Rural and Social Development at the World Bank in Washington. Read more...
EU contributes 2 Million Euros to Build Infrastructure Projects in Area “C”
20 January 2016: MDLF celebrated on Wednesday the signature of agreements to implement social infrastructure projects in the Areas classified as “C”. The agreements were signed with representatives of nine communities and funding from the European Union, amounting to two million Euros. Read more...
Um Allahm Village Council Visits MDLF
17 January 2016:Acting Director General, Hazem AlQawasmi, confirmed that MDLF is exerting enormous efforts to achieve development in the Palestinian Territory through action in the Areas “C”. He considered that Area C is a priority and strategic in making economic development and comprehensive and sustainable development. Read more...
MDLF and GIZ Sign an Agreement to Support Local Government Units
16 January 2016: Minister of Local Government and Chair of MDLF Board, Hussein AlAraj, signed with GIZ Director, representative of the German Ministry of Economic Development and International Cooperation, Hans Frauf, an agreement he help building local governments capacities. Read more...
MDLF, in Cooperation with MoLG, Organizes a Workshop for the Planning and Development Joint Council of South Salfiet and Rief Dora Council
16 January 2016: in cooperation with the Ministry of Local Government and the Advisory Team from the Planning and Engineering Center, organized an intensive technical workshop to accomplish the last phase of preparation of Development and Investment Strategic Plan and Spatial Plan of the Joint Services and Planning Council – Southern Salfeet and Southern Rief Dora. The workshop is part of the second phase of the Local Development Program, funded by the Danish Government. Read more...
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